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Affect of Coronavirus COVID-19 on COVEY services

25 March 2020

The COVEY office is now closed, and all staff are now working from home.

We are working as normal and staff can be contacted via email at

All outings and groups planned to take place have been suspended.

This decision will be reviewed as the situation changes regularly.

9 March 2020

Like other organisations throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK, COVEY is making preparations for the impact of Coronavirus.

In the past few days we have received enquiries about whether our service will continue.

As of this date our projects and our services continue as normal.

In our office we are following NHS Inform and Scottish Government advice about how to reduce the risk of catching the infection.

We are ensuring this advice is shared with our staff, and would urge anyone reading this message to also consult this guidance.

In the longer term it is likely that the virus could have an effect on staff and volunteer absences at COVEY, and this in turn may have an impact on our activities and services.

If this happens, there is a possibility that we may have to reduce, cancel or suspend some of our key activities and services.

We will continue to monitor this and will update this message if and when the situation changes.

Our response will be evidence-based and proportionate, and informed by the latest available public health guidance.

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