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March 2024

Volunteer Spotlight!

befriending volunteer

Jemma is incredibly giving of her time; from keeping up with her daughter’s busy schedule, to helping children read at a local school. This selflessness and passion for helping others is reflected in her choice to volunteer with COVEY. Jemma began her role as a Volunteer Befriender almost a year ago, and has never looked back:

“I am a panel member for the Children's Hearing Services and people kept mentioning COVEY. I looked into the charity and thought, ‘I could do this’. It’s been one of the best decisions I have made.”

Jemma approaches her voluntary roles with empathy and a desire to understand young people. She believes they deserve a chance to be heard, free of prejudice:

“I find the stigma around young people frustrating, especially when people jump to conclusions, labelling them as ‘bad’. If only people could take time to understand, some young people don’t have the skills to regulate their emotions.”

Reflecting on her volunteer journey with COVEY, Jemma remembers one of the most rewarding parts of Befriending:

“It made me so happy when my young person told me that our outings are his favourite part of the week.”

Jemma has helped her young person discover and pursue a passion for go karting, giving him a chance to develop his skills and experience achievement in an area he truly loves. Whilst her dedication has had a lasting, positive impact on her young person, it’s clear that he’s also given her a lot back. The joy that Jemma takes in improving his daily life shines through when she speaks of her experience with COVEY:

“You don’t just get a snippet of information, you actually get to invest in a young person. You see them come through challenges, develop passions and enjoy outings. You get to be their listening ear and actually become an important part of their lives. It’s rewarding.”

befriending volunteerbefriending volunteer

Passionate and caring volunteers, like Jemma, are at the heart of COVEY’s work. We are incredibly grateful to our volunteer community for their continued dedication to helping our young people and their families. Thank you for all you do.

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