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Through mentoring, young people (aged 8-14) who are most at risk due to difficulties in their lives will have weekly, one-to-one mentoring support from a volunteer; the trusting relationship will provide the basis for achieving their goals. They will gain confidence and be better able to deal with their challenges.

A COVEY Coordinator trains, matches and supports a dedicated volunteer mentor who gives the young person one-to-one support for two hours a week.

In this way young people are given the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with a consistent reliable adult.

Young people involved will have weekly outings in their community, giving them a variety of new experiences and the opportunities to widen their horizons. They identify achievable goals with their mentor and are supported in achieving them. This helps to build resilience and self-confidence over time.

If you would like to become a mentor find out more about what's involved on our volunteering roles page.

Referral Criteria

Referrals for mentoring have to come from Social Work, education or health, for a young person aged 8-14.

Generally we look for two of more of the following risk factors:
  • Disruption or disengagement at school
  • Offending, aggressive or anti-social behaviour
  • Conflict in the home/family
  • Substance misuse by the young person.
If you know someone who may benefit from mentoring, the first step is to phone our office to discuss the young person's needs and how we can best help.

Our telephone number is 01698 894013, or see our contact page for other details of how to get in touch.

"It's made me more confident to do things I wouldn't have done; like meet new people and going new places. I'm not as scared to trust people now."
Young person




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