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"Volunteering with COVEY is rewarding!"

We have a wide variety of volunteering opportunities.

If you are looking to put something back by supporting children, teenagers, parents or carers, or you are ready for a career change, volunteering can have a transformative effect, not just for them but for you as well.

We provide all our volunteers with full and ongoing training and support.

As all your expenses and travel are paid all you are giving is your time and commitment.

"I feel a sense of achievement from befriending and developing a bond with the young person."

Download our Volunteer Booklet  (PDF)

Student Placements

Each year we can offer student placements. Please be aware these positions are limited, so it is recommended you get in touch with our office before the term begins to discuss these opportunities.

"Being involved with COVEY has been life changing - in a good way - just amazing, so many different positive experiences - I've been challenged but I now have the skills to manage the challenges."

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