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Volunteers are our best advocates and they do an incredible job week on week, through their passion and commitment to children, young people and their families.

Niki's volunteering story

Alice's story

I was a little nervous the first time I was taking Craig out. He must have felt the same, he was quite a quiet lad with not a lot of confidence. A year down the line and it's amazing to see how he has grown in confidence. It feels very rewarding to play a small part in a young person positive development. I enjoy hearing all his chat about what he's been doing on a week to week basis, and very encouraging to hear all his stories about what he's been involved with at school. Overall, it's been a real fun and rewarding experience, and I would highly recommend people to get involved.

1-1 volunteer

"It makes it all worthwhile when you drop your young person off and they're smiling and happy, then you know you're making a difference."

Darren's story

Darren helped fix Ali's bike tyre - they went to Halfords together and put new tubing in. After the outing, at drop off, Ali said his usual thanks and bye but then came back to the car to thank him for fixing his tyre. Darren said he felt this was amazing from Ali as he usually needs to "look out for which way he shrugs" to see if he means yes or no. Darren felt this was positive.

ANGELS volunteer

"I wanted to do something which was challenging, worthwhile and fun - COVEY Befriending has proved to be all three!"

Stacey's story

The parent I supported felt she could trust me from the very first meeting and this continued throughout the mentoring. From the start Julie and I were a great match due to our similar personalities and interests. As a parent myself, I could understand some of the difficulties she was facing and was so proud that she pushed herself to get out even when she wasn't feeling up to it.

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