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May 2019

Elisa shares her views on Body Image in support of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

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Body image is the way we feel about our bodies. This is influenced greatly by the media and society's idea of the "perfect body" (spoiler alert - every BODY is perfect they way they are).

The dieting and beauty industry is a multi-billion pounds a year industry that profits from the idea that we all have things we need to change about our bodies in order to 'fit in'.

I believe that greatest act of defiance here is to love yourself exactly as you are.

So here are my top tips to improve the way you feel about your body:
  1. Don't talk negatively about any body (including your own). Doing this only feeds the idea that one type of body is better than another.
  2. Stop using filters and photo editing. You are perfect the way you are! Editing photos to look a certain way changes reality and will not only impact your mental health but can affect the mental health of others.
  3. Stop following social media accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. Unfollow anyone that sells diet pills or detox teas - these are toxic and dangerous.
  4. Throw away any clothes your planning to "slim into" - Buy clothes for the body you have now and embrace it.
  5. NEVER - Put your life on hold until you look a certain way. Go that holiday, take that photo, buy that cute dress. Your life is happening now and your body is keeping up its end of the bargain by keeping you alive to enjoy it.
  6. Remember - Exercise is not a way to punish your body! Exercise is way to keep your body healthy and should be something you enjoy.
  7. Please! EAT! Your body needs food to survive. Fuel it like you fuel your car. No matter how much you ate yesterday - you still need to eat today.
  8. Scars, Spots, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Body Hair, Dark Circles etc ARE ALL NORMAL! You don't need miracle creams to erase parts of you.
  9. Remember - Don't compare your life to anyone else's - Social media is a highlight reel of someone's life... ITS NOT REAL! Put your phone down and live your life.
  10. Take it one day at a time, love yourself a little more every day - You've been conditioned to feel bad about your body for your whole life, it takes time to break that conditioning and to reclaim your body freedom. Don't be too hard on yourself and take it a day at a time.
Let's leave the next generation in a better place than we find ourselves, and the best way to do that is to love ourselves, and be body positive role models.

If you're not there yet and would like more body positive inspiration then here are some of my favourite links below:

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